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The Artist 

I am Charles Parry and live in North Yorkshire.

As a schoolboy, I had a bad accident and spent 3 years in hospital.  I fell into a disused mill on the Liverpool waterfront.  Smashed up a bit.  The worst was my right leg that had become detached from my pelvis. Plenty of time to doodle.

Returning to ‘normal life’ I trained at the Liverpool School of Art.  A painting of the Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals was entered into the Welsh Eisteddfod and achieved first prize in my age group.

I was approached by a director who saw the painting and promised I could join his advertising agency as a trainee artist when I left school.

.  I then moved around some famous advertising agencies building a reputation.

Eventually I went to London where all the big agencies were. I trawled for a job and eventually joined the world-renowned advertising and marketing agency, Saatchi & Saatchi. 

Time moved on and I retired. We had moved many times in my career but eventually settled in beautiful North Yorkshire. 

I hope you enjoy.


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